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Product Description


Advanced List Management (ALM)

ALM is the powerful strategist for an outbound contact center, responsible to create and drive from the simple to the most complex strategy
for outreach, controlling and putting the operation productivity in another level.


Advanced Quality Management (AQM)

AQM is the most advanced quality platform, responsible for voice and screen recording and quality evaluation. Contact Center quality in one place with a robust architecture in a simple vision “Improve the Operations Quality” 

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Engagement Analytics

Built for the omnichannel customer journey, Alvaria Engagement Analytics extends your quality management process by providing a holistic view into 100% of your speech and text interactions, with Full-Transcription, Organic Trend Discovery, Built-in Redaction Capability, Highly Intuitive User Interface, and Lightning-Fast Searches.


Alvaria CXP

Alvaria™ CXP equals better customer experiences. Seamlessly add modern self-service capabilities like contemporary IVR bots - voice and text with natural language understanding capabilities for conversational dialogues. All-in-one Omnichannel solution. For design, development, and deployment of omnichannel solutions, including social chat, chatbots, SMS, and mobile web. This package is essential.


Alvaria Workforce Management 

Workforce Management is a powerful platform that optimizes the customers operations with management components that include potent tools for forecasting, tracking, and scheduling the workforce. These tools are essential in getting the right agents with the necessary skills, in the right seats, at the right time. With Alvaria WFM you can also have Performance Optimization, empowering your agents and getting absolute monitoring and control over your operation. 

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Alvaria Performance Management 

This is the powerful solution to drive performance, ensuring sustained performance improvements for your organization that helps clear expectations for employees, provides daily feedback and executes targeted development plans. With Alvaria Performance Management you can compute historical and real-time metrics and present them in ways most useful to the role of each user — allowing employees to understand where they need to act for improvement or where targeted coaching should be applied to ensure goals are aligned and achieved

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This omnichannel platform allows your operation to became 100% cloud based, enabling essential features, real-time information and giving a powerful vision of the operation numbers, improving their results and the customer experience.


Aspect® Unified IP®

Unified IP delivers all contact center options in one platform that help contact centers deliver exceptional experiences across all conversations and all channels. At the same time, this solution minimizes customer effort by providing a multichannel and multi-choice experience, through voice-channels, email, web chat, instant messaging and SMS. 

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